Tuesday, September 2, 2008

lovely, lovely Tuesdays...


such a busy day.....not sure where to begin.
....to start.. not posted on last Saturday's high desert home garden blog****************** many pictures of squash blanching, cold ice bath and individual quick freezing then vacuum sealing and put into deep freeze
Sunday harvest of many many lemon cucumbers...all organic!!!homegrown...started from seeds. nothing is more rewarding than a bite of that...six and a half pints of pickles....tomorrow we are gonna buy cases of mason jars...everything from half pint jam jars to half gallon jars for pickled cucumbers....also tomorrow we go to get the freezer and start filling it up for the long winter...
along with my firewood I am seriously preparing for the worst cold...if we just burn more wood
. we could keep our electric bill around fifty dollars a month instead of last winter using heat baseboards spiked our bills to a hundred dollars...more work for me but possible savings of three hundred dollars..that could be a week off work!!