Tuesday, September 16, 2008

more drying and the internal debate over a dehydrator in the high desert.




Thursday, September 11, 2008

BBQ with friends and a full Hop harvest

also chopped down all the mammoth sunflowers. we are drying five or so heads for seed. it is a little immature but we'll see. we needed to make room for the squash and beans. they were being overcast by the overcrowded giants.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

pickle blog #3. ...plus FINALLY a new ceiling fan!


SAT: dill pickles; about nine quarts altogether ..two or three with some of our sliced jalapenos.

SUN: fan and moving around all the drying herbs...including basil, dill, and the squash slices. Salted they should be a good snack, like a chip but healthier.

needing to be harvested and dried: sage, oregano , more basil, chives (although most of these are in containers.)

tomorrow: hop harvest, drying somewhere, nae anywhere.

coming soon...summer squash bread for the freezer! also roasted chiles and probably more corn, jalapenos, tomatillos and possibly a watermelon or two. complete with hollow sound and yellow spot. just a few more harvests to try 'n' keep up with. this tuesday off to the farmers market to get toes and backs/ necks from tom.

Friday, September 5, 2008

experimental squash drying and a pizza!!


drying summer squash and basil for the spice rack. annie took a few pictures of us below our mammoths. pizza for dinner!
the farmer's market is moving into it's permanent location at the rail yard tomorrow and i'm gonna go to get some chicken frames from tom at Pollo Real and some dill flowers for pickling tomorrow! look forward to the pickle blog #3. coming soon. i think we harvested something like thirty to forty med-large lemon cucumbers earlier. placed in bread bags in the fridge until tomorrow afternoon wi
th some (hopefully) farm fresh dill. (on the growing list for next year.)

axe repair and some exciting purchases

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after speaking with a few quasi-experts about hops, i've decided to harvest some soon..(next day or so) and the rest as they come. Pick, dry for a few days, then package in vacuum sealed bags and frozen. this new freezer couldn't have come at a better time, just as we;re harvesting enough food to preserve. now I may need a lesson in home-brew before using these awesome chinook hops. also I will need various home brewing supplies. maybe i should check out the local home brew supply shop. then i'll probably end up at the hardware store seeing how i can make the same thing for less cost. defiantly back burner material with the hops being froze and all.

general garden views ,some pics becke took and weird beetles on a cholla cactus.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

lovely, lovely Tuesdays...


such a busy day.....not sure where to begin.
....to start.. not posted on last Saturday's high desert home garden blog****************** many pictures of squash blanching, cold ice bath and individual quick freezing then vacuum sealing and put into deep freeze
Sunday harvest of many many lemon cucumbers...all organic!!!homegrown...started from seeds. nothing is more rewarding than a bite of that...six and a half pints of pickles....tomorrow we are gonna buy cases of mason jars...everything from half pint jam jars to half gallon jars for pickled cucumbers....also tomorrow we go to get the freezer and start filling it up for the long winter...
along with my firewood I am seriously preparing for the worst cold...if we just burn more wood
. we could keep our electric bill around fifty dollars a month instead of last winter using heat baseboards spiked our bills to a hundred dollars...more work for me but possible savings of three hundred dollars..that could be a week off work!!