Sunday, September 7, 2008

pickle blog #3. FINALLY a new ceiling fan!


SAT: dill pickles; about nine quarts altogether ..two or three with some of our sliced jalapenos.

SUN: fan and moving around all the drying herbs...including basil, dill, and the squash slices. Salted they should be a good snack, like a chip but healthier.

needing to be harvested and dried: sage, oregano , more basil, chives (although most of these are in containers.)

tomorrow: hop harvest, drying somewhere, nae anywhere.

coming soon...summer squash bread for the freezer! also roasted chiles and probably more corn, jalapenos, tomatillos and possibly a watermelon or two. complete with hollow sound and yellow spot. just a few more harvests to try 'n' keep up with. this tuesday off to the farmers market to get toes and backs/ necks from tom.

giant bunch of dill i got at saturday's farmer's market at the new rail yard location downtown. very crowded , kept bumping people with my giant and very aromatic bunch of dill. also no parking...or legal parking anyhow.... everyone on the seemingly unmarked paseo de peralta got a $27 ticket. other than that the new santa fe farmer's market location is great.

lemon cukes being cooled in H2O

the operation looks this time around

drying our all organic yellow time i will blanch for better texture and digestibility

sprinkling salt on the slices of summer squash

squash sweating it out in the close-up. after salting.


the fan before.
becke putting her electrician genes to work.

new fan is awesome. especially having four new lights in the living room space.

then after.....
pickles and a new new new !!!!ceiling fan! just in time to be used in it's clockwise fashion for cold winter nights. not too far away...

***********don't worry mom, we turned off all the power for the installation ****************

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  1. Way to go, Becke! I knew you'd be an electrician since you were very your crib with Dad's screwdriver, taking off you light switch plate :-)
    Can't wait to try your cuke and squash chips. They should be yummy.

    Love, Mom