Wednesday, June 18, 2008

getting established

This photo below was taken before we got the fence up, which you can see behind the truck in rolls. It was some thick gauge chain-link I got for free when they enclosed an outdoor area at work. It was ten feet tall with the longest section being about thirty-three feet long. We divided it into a six foot and a four foot section. We have never worked with chain-link before and will probably never again. We cut and mended over one-hundred feet of the thick, blister-forming metal. Many people told me this would be difficult without a come-along, but between the two of us, we got it pretty tight. The six foot sections went to give the dogs a bigger run, and also enclosed three older trees (which will be good for shade now that it's warmer out)

Below is some of our sweet corn and a radish patch

corn, radishes, more tomatillos and corn.

photos of how everything has progressed thus far. I am pretty satisfied with our growth right now.

tomatillos, sage and our biggest roma tomato plant. All from organic seed.

We built the fence around the garden area, buried in a six inch trench. We laid down almost two hundred feet of 1/2" irrigation piping as well as many 1/4" lines off the main line.

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