Saturday, July 26, 2008

more rain . more rain!

everything has been loving the almost-daily rain. garden drippers have not been turned on for over two weeks. the roma transplants have began to grow and look really happy. five more future bushes. they are planted slightly above the surrounding ground level, so I may need to add some top soil as well as putting some boards up at the gate to devert rain waters. They have been running small rivers in between the rows of plants for weeks now and most of our good, stinkey top soil is gone... more small I bought six more mouse traps, set them all up last night and guess what? I only have two traps left. Quick results....
I always thought we needed a good barn cat to take care of the mice and such. But with mouse traps workin' like this and at 50 cents a pop, and made in the U.S.A. i'm thinkin forget it.

here is a nice shot of the hop mother plant. It has so much new growth it is amazing. It is almost as tall as the house. I don;t know what I'll do

growing every day

bottom growth
chinook hops
sage- within close proximity to the Chinook hop plant


ready to take over

tee-pee trellises
roma row

yellow squash...(we ate three little ones off the BBQ last night...mmm


salad we made last night from the freshly harvested greens, peas and radishes. added some storebought ingredients
watermelon flowers are everywhere!

squash blossoms

toma verde
jalapeno peppers are small


oregano transplanted into large containers outside
along with the rosemary, container sage, and chives

pole beans are flowering and covering the trellises

almost the same photo

mammoth sunflowers

peas with their new tee-pee
yellow crook-neck squash

wild-flowers grow at our front patio

on the inside...

this little guy was found in the manure

the great flowering geranium.

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