Thursday, July 17, 2008

carnage after last night's storm

squash was thrashed. all of it

sunflowers were hit pretty bad

full of holes

corn plants are shredded



basil...almost ready for pesto!

green beans
lettuce lookin good

radishes are ok, but leaves are wrecked from last night and some hungry ants
radish harvest with one white one! i will gather more tomorrow as they are getting long

high winds earlier today

crazy storm clouds

storm clouds through our awesome windows


tomatillo flower
we have been picking off the suckers of the tomatillos and some off the romas. it seems to have done them good as the remaining leaves and branches have gotten broader and thicker. now i only hope they will flower later to give more fruit as is the idea.

the newly transplanted tomatoes don't look so hot. we'll see. also a hop clone now has a permament home within garden walls. the mother plant is outside by the door with the sage.

watermelons apparently hold up really well to rain, wind and we're pretty sure hail.

1 comment:

  1. Oh,gardeners, do not despair!
    Everything will pop back upright with new leaves and shoots....just a little weather set-back, but with good rain. At least it isn't locusts!
    A support for the transplanted tomatoes might help--mine have little stakes on either side.