Saturday, August 2, 2008

fruiting and dogs

harvest basket

corn patch, producing ears, or at least silk hairs for now

tassles...male flower
a small ear!!.....female flower. i think the cross-pollination has worked out well...even with the
triangle formation vs. a square... i've seen plenty of butter-flys and a few bees

this little guy was hanging out on the corn

watermelons growing out the garden and being trained up the fence

one of our bigger watermelons, nearly doubled in size overnight

a job site
squash a'plenty
basil is gonna be pesto in a mason jar soon, just need some pinon nuts

toma verde

green beans!!!!
twisting their way up the trellis and all around eachother

cucumber blossoms, some are now showing fruits behind them

small green tomatoes!
now taller than our RR tie,
roma plants loving the soil, (used to be in containers, until we had some failures in the squash, sunflower and pea rows

hops are thriving, no actual hops yet, but next year for sure

they don't even know where to go. they're taller than the house already

wild flowers underneath the bird feeders

tella loves fetchstrummer barks at everybody
don't be misled by this photo, Tella is no angel

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