Saturday, August 30, 2008

putting food by

havent blogged in a few..mainly because i started cutting firewood the last few days-off.
made me sore as hell, cut up two truckloads over tues and wed. saw needs cleaning and adjusting after last season..especially after the way i stored it with gas in the tank and oily and such.... anyways feels good, also makes the property look a lot better. some pictures of my ever-growing and then annually shrinking wood-pile to come soon.

also tomorrow cucumber pickling blog #2! stay posted..also the great book my aunt Marge got us as an awesome gift! endless source of knowledge and def classic.

blanched and froze two bags of yellow squash and a bunch of green beans...which only got greener with blanching, i guess the squash kinda gets greenish-yellow. next attempt at experimental preservation is gonna be either sub-drying or some type of makeshift rig solar food dehydrator..we'll see back burner for sure..

some images of the fallen sunflowers which are still lookin' good days later. just waiting to be cut and put into a vase...:)

the green chile plants have gotten much bigger and are yielding many chile peppers.. next year we plan on many more green chile plants to roast and use in sauces and freeze. plus we're in New mexico..the state question is red or green?!

the corn is getting great reddish-maroon colour. also most stalks are above my head now....large lemon cucumber harvest tomorrow...then make pickles...batch #2 (although this will be the first batch from our cukes.

The basil and lettuces have gotten out of sight for a little. both are flowering and flavor will be affected. work in progress. i think rotational crops will help with staggering harvests ....

...meanwhile the container plants are hit or miss. rough in this climate. some of the chives are thriving some in terra-cotta have dried up, the orageno is getting big in their oversized pots,,,container sage died but sage outside the door is loving life.

squash making their revival after the very brief decline...most likely due to lack of rain and me not watering with drip..(also possibly due to soapy dish water...anyone have experience with anything t]like that?

sunflowers are in full bloom and an awesome sight out our big windows

some of them have not been able to support themselves with flower head due to over-crowding

..soaking into the ground slowly... giving nutrients to the roots. squash is having a revival. After the blossoms dried up they are now full of small green growth and the cucumbers have been acting similar. and learn

the chickens have been getting any spoiled greens and trimmings from the garden as well as some dry lemon cucumbers and they look great. want some of my own.

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