Thursday, August 14, 2008

more chicken pictures!

While the landlady is in NYC for the week, we are looking after the property and the chickens as well. Fed them yesterday and took a bunch of photos. The one for-sure rooster is in a few of these pics. They got a totally unripe watermelon and some basil and burrito leftovers. needless to say they were stoked. Garden is loving the cooler temps and scattered rain-showers today and yesterday. Harvested some peas, beans, jalapenos and squash. Also sunflowers are flowering! pics of those for sure.

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  1. Becke- did you know your mother grew up on a chicken farm? Your uncle Peter and I used to collect the eggs, and he usually threw one or two at me before we got to our house. He also used to take all the good feathers.....older brothers are SOOOOOOO much fun!
    We also had lots of chicken to eat all winter, baked, broiled, soup, cassaroles, you name pretty tired of it, too.