Monday, October 27, 2008

busy preserving and whathaveyou

basket of ripe romas i think its the third full one

one gallon of old cukes turned into pickles, lightnin' fast because we had two gallons of brine we made too much of the last time
winter squash seeds drying for next year's three sisters part of the garden
remaining planting garlic after four twenty-five foot rows...
our organic crimson watermelons keeping very well
remaining romas....more canning to come in three to five days
anasazi beans...for eating or planting next year

huevos (farmers market not the neighbors' yet)

romas in the food mill for the first time
food mill is awesome

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  1. While you're busy making tomato juice and sauce with your food mill, I'm busy gathering apples for applesauce and Dad's famous apple pie.