Wednesday, December 10, 2008

homebrew IPA on it's way!!

all the equipment and ingredients

my homegrown Chinook hops (4 Oz.) plus corn sugar on the left

sanitizing the strainers

siphon tube and funnel sanitized
grain in the bag and a thermometer watching out for the boil


the moon was awesome the other night

the moon was even better the next night (thur.) and will be full tonight

adding the finishing hops. they will add the floral bouquet that IPA's and other such beers are known for. they were boiled only at the end for five minutes or so along with the irish moss

i had to keep on stirring the wort (pronounced wert) to keep it from boiling over.

cooling down the wort as fast as possible
running cold water all around the still warm wort

adding two gallons to the primary fermenter
ugh! what a mess...should be worth it
sticky mess plus hops everywhere!

just another one of the kitchen's many uses...brewhouse

pouring off the wort into two gallons of cold water to equal five gallons

taking a reading
homebrew by-product is now chicken feed
starting to look and smell like real brew

yeast is alive!set-up complete with blow-off tube

more updates on this batch to come.

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  1. So, Becke, do I send you a box of room fresheners?

    Hope the first batch is a keeper!