Monday, February 2, 2009

new garden plots are getting cleared.

new garden plot (three sisters) photo below:

this will include all corn (maize) blue, yellow, purple, strawberry popcorn, pink, small tri-color, etc.
in the winter squash family we will have cushaw, amber cup, acorn, pie pumpkins as well as some native pumpkin

and we are thinking about only growing the Anasazi beans and not pintos..we'll see

also blue lake green beans

It will pretty much be from where i am standing in this photo to where strummer is back there
below is a shot of some fence that is already in place over there...also a giant red ant hill...but i was just reading in organic gardening magazine (thanks pablo!) that you can pour a few gallons of boiling water over the hill and that should take care of them.

it also said that there can be up to 400,000 workers in a single hill and that they "arrived in an Alabama seaport in 1929, in soil used in the ship's ballast. The South American native has spread west to California and north to Maryland." fun you can't say you never learned anything new from my blog.

here is my new and improved bucking stand. i added the two supports in the middle to buck larger logs and it works really well except with smaller logs/ branches.
chopped wood all over our driveway
another view of our savings account
this wood is for us to burn the rest of the winter...hopefully we can sell some of that nice split stuff..i have been bucking it longer in the hopes of getting a little extra income

seedlings getting as much light as i can give far the thyme and Greek mini basil are up but we are still waiting for cilantro and parsley it begins..but the good news is that i looked at our tomato seed packets and i don't think we'll need to start them this month but can probably do them in march...also still waiting on my back-ordered onion seed....which i want to start ASAP.
three sisters test pot coming along very nicely...we'll have to see how long it sticks around and how tall these beans and corn will get in our living room. it was mainly to see the germination success rate...which we already established

corn seed..i will probably have some extras for anybody interested...locally grown and a lot of it germinated .this is the composter and some posts, pallets, chain link, etc.

future site of the drought tolerant stuff like quinoa and sunflowers.

i am slightly worried that the garlic has sprouted, but hopefully not all of it. even so, i have still quite a bit in the shed.main garden so far...path to come soon

here is my dreaded gate...thinking about putting it in soon. it would be the only way i could get into the dog's yard without going all the way through the house . i will probably mount it on the wall/shed and the latch will be on a post and there is a nice hole for a lock...which i have..and even better with the same key from the shed's lock. less clutter.

until next time..

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  1. sweet wood pile, and how great to see some seedlings. thanks for checking out our blog, i like yours too. it looks like we are working on a lot of the same projects. i'd love to learn to make beer, haven't gotten to that one yet. take care!