Wednesday, July 22, 2009

long time no blog

berry patch:

magnificent corn plants
lil' guy;

this is what happens to once beautiful, baby squash when it is 95 everyday, and doesn't rain, and we water every third day..

three sisterssquash blossom:
squash foliage

squash growing out of the garden "area", just train the vines back in and maybe there will be a nice squash growing right out the fence
maize field

Tella hunting Strummer by the compost bin
the compost

squash:friendly pollinator working:
maize sideways unfortunately, but still worth putting up.

winter squash plant; we have been very lucky two years in a row with no squash bugs which can eat a whole plant in a day.
corn tassle:
future squash of America:
beans growing up the maize stalks:

perennial herbs getting established around the birdfeeder:
mexican oregano:

lavender, also out by birdfeeder...also planted some chives we started from seed last spring.

sunflowers are pretty much the only thing other than weeds and the scrappy volunteer toma verde plants that are growing in the supposedly drought-tolerant garden.
ants love to do stuff on sunflowers
flower head on an autumn beauty:

view from the sunflower/ drought tolerant garden across the can see how tall those hops are.

last year's Chinook plant with many hop cones ready for harvest:

DIY hop trellis:
these hops are loving it
Chinook 2008 clone:

hop vines will only grow clockwise, a good thing to keep in mind when training them.

nuevo mexico:

(((((the photos below are all from the main garden on the NE side of the house))))))

disassembled support tee-pees:
rainbow chard coming in a bit late in the season.
beans (scarlet runners and purple pole beans), tomatillo, and the remaining turnips and beets :

removed all straw mulch from garlic plot and composted..then we planted buckwheat.

lemon cucumbers are looking good.
buckwheat planting...if this rain thing keeps up we just might have seedlings in a week.
soaker hoses made from recycled auto tires right here in the good old U.S.A.!
this fence was supposed to be "temporary"; that was almost three years ago.

there are so many more photos and this stuff is growing so much it is a challenge to keep up with everything plus life.. plans to return to vend at the market in the near future, as we just harvested a few cherry tomatoes and the fir tree ones are starting to get there also..rain on the horizon..more to come soon

spotty dog farm

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  1. Do hops grow counter-clockwise in Australia???
    Everything starting to ripen up--yum! looking good! Wish I were there to help.....