Saturday, August 15, 2009

The big harvests are just around the corner.

many silvery fir tree tomatoes in today's harvest wagon:

also ten or so cukes! they have just begun to produce fruit and this was really a nice surprise.
stuff we have bought from farmers in the last couple of days:
our onions need more water to resemble real onions, the apples were a deal and we haven't sealed the deal with the landlord for some of their apples, and our chiles simply aren't as mature as these guy's chiles. also got some jalapenos, as we just used the last of our frozen ones from last season.. maybe we will grow them next season after all..they are great producers, especially in our growing conditions. each thing on the table was purchased from different vendors/ farmers. we like to spread the love like that.

first year Chinook clone loving this trellis, hoping the trellis can last a few years before it craps out. By then these hop vines will be outta control.

these hops are ready for harvest any day now:volunteer tomatillo plants are taller than the gate/ fence:

lizard happily eating bugs in the woodpile:

Three Sisters:

-Ambercup winter squash:
power line with maize flowers:

pumpkin growing beneath white corn:

corn plant damaged from hail with the Sangre de Cristo mtns. in the background.
blue corn:


and three more makes five!

you could say i am a bar-b-que fanatic. just reworked the patio to make room for more seating in the afternoon shade. over the years i have been working on my pork dry-rub. the smoker is my favorite to use, long hours included. However the smaller Webers are great to smoke or grill anything. indirect cooking is always a great way to go.. my thanksgiving turkeys are usually done on these. we did Buffalo wings last week smoked with wine barrels and wild Coho salmon smoked with apricot wood; both were amazing. Since the days have been in the ninties, we have not been cooking outside much, if at all just to keep the house cool.

American oak barrel pieces cut up with the chainsaw.
these wood chunks make wings and any poultry amazing after an hour or four.


  1. the hops and the blue corn I find particularly beautiful! let me know when community work day comes around--

  2. Better variety of grilling than Becke's Dad! Congratulations!