Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Compost Bin Construction

selecting the finest pallets for our third and probably final compost bin:

taking the pallets apart so we can build them "solid":

B putting together one wall:

one pallet skeleton:

one side done:

The dogs enjoyed hangin' around for the four hours or so it took to complete:

the snow drifts were so deep the dogs were falling all the way thru:

Strummer loves to climb on pallets:

some seriously crafty and solid construction:

Strummer giving the new creation a once over:

another basically free project down on the Spotty Dog Farm.

As nice as winter has been we are ready for summer already, our firewood stash is dwindling. Also, I guess if you're building compost bins and coldframes it really is close.


  1. Very cool, guys. I hope this one serves you well for many seasons to come. I'm looking forward to the thaw up here so I can see how my Earth Machine is doing for me.

  2. Great compost bin! Pallets are useful for so may things! We are ready for spring too!