Saturday, April 24, 2010

April, Twenty-Ten


beets germinating:

peas all along the fence:

mint thriving:

this years three sisters garden:

three sisters plot:

three sisters garden getting pathways and hand tilled:

linked rain barrels with overflow pipe to sunflowers along the fence:

smiley spotty dog:

ball dog:

rain tank with overflow:

unglazed terra cotta buried to plant chiles around, the soil will remain moist and they should germinate nicely. intensive technique but hopefully effective, and not fillling the pots excessively. hopefully once a day. we'll cut circles out of scrap wood for lids and put small rocks on top to keep them on. more on that to come next post.

traditional irrigation..drip and soaker:


self portrait with garlic:

Chinook hop growing tall on the patio!:

purple carrots germinating:

some rock fence work to keep out the smaller critters:

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