Saturday, May 29, 2010

chickens. day one

got 17 pullets today.. black Australorps..lay brown eggs:

they are only a week old and peep like crazy:

..they like to hang out in a pile and clean eachother:

the set-up...
they have a heat lamp for warmth because they don't have feathers yet and a feed bin below the cage.. :

planted three "hills" (rain catchers) of black beauty Zucchini squash:

okra plot; under renovation..we will be putting boards up and building the soil up so they can catch as much water as possible and keep it in there:

siding painted!:

done and done:

dixon, nm blue corn bread (local corn-meal):

pizza dough for tomorrow's pizza 'n' burgers party:


  1. Pizza and beer? Hahaha, kidding of course. Your place looks great, and like you are having a lot of fun--enjoy the chickens!

    And yes, ten or eleven Hopi Blue Corn (first generation) have now sprouted in the suburban Ocean Beach garden...

    Best to everyone--

  2. Got a nice place there.

    I love blue corn meal. Hm, wonder if my sweetie has any seeds to grow blue corn in his stash. 'Course I'm sure our local critters here would love it, too.

  3. Grand-chicks! they're beautiful!!!
    Can't wait to eat fresh brown eggs.