Wednesday, June 2, 2010

(Almost) Everything is in the ground!

Purple pole Beans planted on either side of our sweet new bean trellis/ lettuce shade:

Zuni Tomatillos; semi-cultivated by the Zuni peoples of Northern New Mexico for over a century:

All Organic Lemon Cucumber seed planted on either side of the small black trellises and our self-seeding tomatillos in front (with green stakes):

Tomatoes planted in small circles with different types of basil..companion planting.
2 water-holding depressions ea. of:


-Purple Cherokee (heirloom)

-Oaxacan Pink

-Speckled Roman Pole (heirloom and our second attempt)

-Zapotec Pleated

-San Marzano (heirloom, paste)







-purple petra


a wider view of the tomato/ basil plantings:

in the distance, where the fence has that seagrass thingy is where we are planting okra after soaking the seed overnight; should do well up against the fence..we added our remaining alpaca manure all over today.

Chicken run pics coming soon.

Eventually tee-pees are going up around the tomato circles..once seedling emerge.

Drip irrigation is also going in soon...hand watering all this will be dumb. It has worked well for us so far this season. But there is truly nothing like weeding while watering with drip through the pump with rain water. Ahh.. summer is finally here!


  1. Your place looks huge--are you planting in the arroyo now too? Great to see you trying new soil arrangements! Got some organic squash seed to plant with the blue corn out here. I am definitely visiting your place in September-

  2. I've heard that the Purple Cherokee is a lovely tomato...Happy farming!