Monday, June 28, 2010

Rain on Chickens and Gardens

Three Sisters in today's rain: ...a nice steady drizzle.

Tomatillos self seeded in this failed flower bed where our firewood was stored up against the house for the last two or three seasons:
Also coming up here are Hopi Branched Sunflowers. I am excited to see them get big, flower and attract a plethora of pollinators to our patio area, between the two main gardens.

We still have the 17 Australorp Pullets we split with the neighbor over a month ago.. not one lost yet!

In this short video below they can be seen moving around their run at the back of our property. The neighbor's Jersey Giant rooster can be heard in the video (and now, as i type this) as well as Tella (our Aussie-Shepherd Mix) barking back at the house.

so far the chickies have one shade/ food & water structure but soon they will have a tractor, and a few nesting boxes and who knows; maybe some fun perches for roosting around.


  1. We almost got rain today. The wind kicked up, the sky clouded over (just as I put squash out in the solar oven), and the air smelled like rain. It all blew away without a drop of moisture though.

    PS: your site takes forever to load, I think due to the slideshow in the sidebar...

  2. Chile>
    seemed to work just fine for me, but I cleaned up the sidebar a bit anyways.. hope it makes following our adventures in sustainability a bit easier.


    farmer alex

  3. The page loaded considerably faster. Thanks!

    Now, share some of that rain, will ya?! ;-)

  4. the 10 day forecast calls for thunderstorms the fourth of july for tonight we will be watering with stored rainwater from our barrels. might be a good time to get my water pump up and running. post on that to come soon.

  5. Thanks for sharing - we got a nice downpour yesterday!