Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Time

dehydrating mini apricots from a friend's tree downtown:

thank you rain:

winter squash doing extremely well:

first zucchini!:

hops (Chinook & Fuggle) are flowering and ready for harvest soon:
We opened up the gate between the two chicken runs a few days ago and everyone seems to be much happier. One older Jersey Giant hen and the rooster have been in the tractor in the three sisters garden for a day now. It has not been the best conditions for them with all this rain, but the gardens are just thriving.

these chicks have really grown fast:


Australorps running away:
the girls love their watermelons:
they have been sleeping under the large nesting box:

cosmos we planted from seed, flowering:
going to work at a friend's orchard up north this week. probably get paid some in fruit and preserve as much of it as we can. Bar-be-que season is at full throttle and these mountains are beautiful.

until next time...


  1. The garden looks great! Gardens are mostly done here,we are waiting for fall to begin again!

  2. Beautiful photos as keeping up with my favorite farmers!

  3. Thanks. I have a feeling the calm before the storm is over....we will be extremely busy from now until the first couple snows of winter come.