Friday, July 9, 2010

A Scrap of Shade... all you need here in the high desert to cool off.

the chickens hang out under their shade structure in the late afternoon:

the australorp breed is black, so naturally they seek out any scrap of shade.

Our zucchini squash was looking quite wilted in the hot afternoon sun. I rigged up this little contraption using the orange stakes from Dave's Stuff Inc. and for the shade an old potato bag does the trick; attached at all four corners, these can be moved throughout the day as needed.

another view from the front:

tomatillo transplants from self seeding in the cucumber patch look as if they're making the move..

more to come soon..
very busy lately...
but we still have 17 chicks and the gardens have been getting almost daily rains, which is great for us since the irrigation system this year is not even set up yet. soon though. water pump is working again, rain barrels are almost ready to be filled and emptied for another summer growing season time after time.

hope everyone has a good weekend and don't let this summer slip away too easy..

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  1. We finally got our first rain today since a week ago Thursday. Rainwater harvesting is not set up yet (will have to wait for cooler fall temperatures to install) but I put lots of buckets out under the roof edge to collect what I could.

    Shade is good. Clouds are better!