Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back To Reality

We are back from our week-long Southwest Colorado Micro-Brewery Mini-Tour. We took hundreds of photos, slept right on a river and visited almost ten breweries. (that's an average of more than one a day!) The select photos can be seen here (high desert home garden's picassa web albums.)

We are now both back to work in the rat race.Although I had the day off and finished and moved the new hen house. Pics to come tonight or tomorrow of that. Hoping I can get them to sleep up there. Especially in a free ranging situiation they could be closed up. Good for laying though too.

Anyways, more on chickens later. For now it's time to bottle at least one batch of homebrew and eat some pizza.

Here are some harvest and sunflower photos for your enjoyment:

more ( winter) squash:

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