Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kale Makes a Comeback

Kale; bounced back from aphid infestation and looked like it was dying from the heat. Rained a bunch and cooled off a bit, and now the kale is looking better than ever.

Hopi Black Dye:

pollinator friend hard at work:

largest squash harvest yet:

this crazy caterpillar was living on the summer squash plant:
10 gallons homebrew:

both in the primary fermenter in this photo. now batch #1 is in the secondary and getting dry hopped tonight and batch #2 is still in the primary fermenter...tonight it will get racked off.


  1. Hey, quit hogging the rain. We've been dry the last few days.

    It's amazing how much wilted plants recover when the sun sets. I swear the okra looks like it's just going to melt into the ground midday but perks right up when watered in the evening.