Saturday, August 28, 2010

Putting Up Kale

Kale to be harvested:

After harvest:

put into buckets of water:

cleaned and cut up; ready to be tossed into the boiling water for a few minutes:

blanching pot:


after spinning the blanched greens dry, we laid them out on trays to be IQF :

on trays in the freezer; to be put into vacuum seal bags once frozen in an hour:

Strummer's "cave":


  1. That looks yummy! I have been craving fresh greens,probably because it is too hot for any to grow right now! Soon it will be time for us to start planting for fall and winter gardens which will have lots of kale I hope!

  2. I love kale and that looks like a good way to preserve it. We get so many greens through our CSA in the winter months, that I've resorted to freezing other blanched greens. For the kale last year, though, I blanched and then dehydrated it. It took a lot less space to store (once crumbled) and can be added to soups, pilafs, and even risotto. The freshly dehydrated kale leaves are a very tasty "chip" substitute, too, especially if sprinkled with salt before dehydrating them.

  3. I've also broiled fresh kale in the oven to make "chips": sprinkle/toss with olive oil, garlic powder (sprinkle with parmesan or salt after it comes out)--watch it so it doesn't burn, but it does turn a little black. Yummy and healthy snack
    Yours looks awesome!