Saturday, September 18, 2010


...heats  you twice so they say. But I think the guy who coined this one never really cut his/her own.

I say it heats you six times. Cutting, loading, splitting, stacking, bringing it inside and then when you burn it.

And depending on how efficient your woodlot system is it could be heating you more like eight or even ten times.

 Tella agrees:

Tella loves the truck:

this elm and cottonwood was cut down for the city down at the river:
still needs to cure for at least a few months as it is green. Got two truck loads this morning between errands. The logs are huge and I will cut most of them in half again with the chainsaw and then throw 'em through the splitter

half barrel of geraniums on the patio in full bloom:

(also in the barrel are some volunteer tomatoes and a purple wandering jew cutting.)


  1. Wow! busy busy busy.....hope some of this is left when we visit this winter!