Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hunkering Down For The Long Haul

 Our freezers are packed!

Filled every nook and cranny:

 And I still need to hit up some friends/ neighbors with freezer space to spare.

 Trusty Lil' Red got almost 400 Lbs. of local organic chicken back to the house:

 We feed our two herding dogs a diet of raw meaty bones. They also get supplemental dog food along with table scraps and whatever they find out there on their own (grasses, bark probably some rocks too) We have fed our dogs a local and organic diet most of their lives. We are basically following our dog's lead.

The chicken we get is pastured in movable yurts on a farm in Socorro, NM. A small family farm that is very sustainable (also "Organic") . Tom (the chicken guy) calls himself a soil conservationist before he'd call himself a poultry farmer. It is the only poultry we eat. We might also kill a rooster or two in the next few months. We are just steadily moving towards a great lifestyle.

 Freezer is so full it wouldn't stay closed:

The solution was to put a ratchet tie around the whole freezer:

 Cleaning the tubs Tom uses to transport the chicken:


  1. Um, why don't ya drive on over my way? I'm selling my 21 cu ft freezer.... Plus other stuff you may be interested in. :)

    (Contact info's on my blog)

  2. Hurray for "lil red" ! See if you can find a fairly new "chest"freezer--less energy to run and stays colder than uprights.
    Hope you got lots of chicken wings in there!