Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Canning and More Coldframes

 Did four more quarts of some nice yellow and red organic tomatoes. (all free by the way)

 They will make some good sauce on winter days to come.

 Also we are almost done with our winter coldframe plantings. We have planted so far beets, two types of lettuce, turnips, two types of cabbage and kale. We also planted some hollyhocks the other day so hopefully those get established along the house. Firewood is coming along slowly as there is work to be done on the splitter (a new spider gear, an oil change and tightening down bolts) as well as the chainsaws. But we are very close to the schedule we put in place about a month ago. And with only one more coldframe to finish around the older kale we are really ready for winter.
more to come soon. We just got back online after a few days with a burnt our modem.



  1. The cold frame is great...I might try that to get some things going in the spring!

  2. i tell you: it's all so inspiring...i taste the immense psychic support of gardening in these times...the miraculous yet bizarrely simple fact that, amidst all the collapsing global structures and related manipulations, STUFF STILL GROWS

  3. i love your blog- and lifestyle. amazing.Gudrun