Friday, January 21, 2011


We went to Plants of the Southwest this afternoon and picked up some seeds. A great place for native trees, shrubs, veggies and herbs. The Santa Fe location is very nice, complete with an adobe building and a rammed earth/ log beam building. Also a really nice adobe retaining wall as you drive in. They also have an Albuquerque location we have yet to check out.

Seeds we picked up today include:

-Purple Podded Pole Bean (100 seeds)
-Carrots- Chantenay & Touchon (200 seeds ea.)
-Early Wonder Tall Crop Beets (200 seeds)
-Mizuna (100 seeds)
-Dwarf Blue Curl-leaf Kale (100 seeds)
-Lettuce Cutting Mix (500 seeds)

Perennial Herb garden:
-Echinacea Angustifolia (50 seeds)
-Oregano (100 seeds)
-Chives (100 seeds)
 -Perennial Arugula (100 seeds)

To be started in trays inside:
-Cherokee Purple Tomato (50 seeds)
-Genovese Basil (100 seeds)

On top of the seeds listed above we also have lots of blue corn, sunflowers, tomatillos and squash from our garden last season.

Just a couple more types of tomatoes and maybe some potatoes and peas and we are set.

Also just tore up the Three Sisters Garden and composted all the dead plant material from last year, so photos of that to come soon. Chickens are laying more than one egg a day now that the highs aren't in the teens anymore. We'll get four or five eggs a day which is some good eatin'. The chickens are getting some nice organic Colorado grown hen scratch and bread from Real Food Nation once it goes stale. I just came up with a system to soak the dry bread in a bucket with water and then feed the hens that slop. They seem to love it and are looking very healthy.

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  1. Our little lean-to is very close to Plants of the SW in Albuquerque. They have a rammed-earth building, too. If you happen to be there before 2pm, head south on 4th to Sophia's place for some fantastic food. Ask if they have the tomatillo sauce and if so, go for the breakfast enchiladas. I don't think you'll be disappointed!