Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dumpster Diving For Nutritious Chicken Feed

 Pretty good score this morning at the produce place.

 The girls were very happy to see me with all those greens.

 Here they are greeting me at the gate:

 Cluck cluck cluck:
 This hen was being very vocal about her excitement over the greens and veggies:

 Ern's birds always get some too:

 We have gathered five or six eggs every day for a while now. I got four today and there might be one or two more if I go back around sunset.

UPDATE: Got three more eggs at 6:00 PM for a total of seven eggs today, most ever! Seven eggs from seven hens, wow. These are happy girls.
The chicks are doing great! We lost eight total due to them Pasting up but we have more coming tomorrow or the next day. We are getting into the swing of spring and I am cutting metal barrel rings to build a mini-hoophouse. We should also be planting peas and maybe some other cold tolerant crops. Seed starting in trays is going to happen in mid- March this year. Tomatoes, chiles and basil will be it though. Everything else from the beets to the zucchini will be directly seeded. We are very busy and yet keeping up with everything, having fun, working a lot and saving money. This season looks promising as ever and we hope to build more on what we already have. A pasture or large movable yurt is in the early stages of planning.

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  1. I wish I had chickens so I could feed them all the Rocket growing in the yard. They love the stuff. Maybe I could convince my neighbor a big bucket full of rocket and the grubs from my compost bin were worth a few eggs.