Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bartering With Eggs

 At the Santa Fe Farmer's Market this morning I took a few dozen eggs with and set out to barter our excess of eggs for some other things we needed.

Everyone was really glad to trade for eggs and gave me a good value of around $6 /dozen. Our seven hens have been laying around six eggs a day by around noon and by July our thirty or so pullets will start laying. This is a good system to put in place now. Once the season extenders are finished up and dialed in we can be super frugal. Go to the store less. Save more money.

 We got cheddar cheese curds, cream cheese, hand soaps and whole-wheat tortillas.

One of our current favorites: Bird in a window or fireman's breakfast or whatever you call it in your geographical region. A nice small meal made with whole wheat sourdough from Real Food Nation.


  1. That's great. We would like to develop bartering relationships...once we have something excess to barter.

    On the meal, though - blech. My grandfather made that for me once and I hated it, even though I liked both components separately. Go figure.