Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Growing Food

We have a lot going on here this season. In our new hoop house we have seedlings germinating!


some of these are already up and we just need to cover it up a little more to increase moisture and germination.

In the other garden we have eight Chinook hop transplants that need to establish. The potatoes I planted a few weeks back are up. The two kale beds are looking good. The kale in the strawbale coldframe is feeding us almost daily and even as I type this we are eating some with pasta and smoked oysters. The older bed of kale is coming back either from old roots or self seeded. Either way we will be eatin' good. Also peas are coming up as well as beets. Clover and mallow is everywhere and the mild weather is treating us well. Mint and sage never even really die back with their warm location up against the house.

Photos of the seedlings and hoophouse to come soon, hopefully tomorrow. Turkeys are growing fast and we are planning on getting some fencing material and building all these birds a pasture outside the coop area. Also need to setup rain catchment better with all the gutters going to the cistern and get a valve on the bottom and overflow on top.

More soon...

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