Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Being busy + Dead Computer = Nobloglongtime

Hop trellis up the house

Sunflowers from last season's seed

Hops on the right and chard and lettuce planted to the left near the footings

Kale from last fall that we overwintered and planted from the last crop's seed

Last year's chile pots being used for sunflowers and marigolds and calendula

Parsley, dill and perennial arugula are up already...first true leaves on some!

Nothing burns better than free wood someone else cut

This is some of the wood I gathered a few weeks ago from a nearby campus with some invasive cottonwoods growing along an arroyo.

The splitter is going to tear up a few more cords of wood this season

Where it's at


Insulated and ready to start pumping...just need an inch or so of rain.

Cabbage in an open coldframe

Mini-hoophouse with coldframe disassembled in the background

We attached the row cover with split open innertubes bicycles. Works even with the 70+MPH winds we've had lately

Mini hoophouse has two types of kale, multiple lettuces, two carrots, mustards, mizuna, spinach and more

A peek of what's growing inside; weeds galore

more soon, we promise... the laptop is getting a new battery next week when the part comes in. The chickens are growing like crazy as is one of our turkeys (the broad breasted bronze) the bourbon red is growing very slowly and took a week to recover from a severe pecking form all the three month old pullets. More soon..., a chicken pasture post is on the way as they look great out there scratchin' around under pinon trees and in the grass.

Also I want to start doing different instructional type videos of building with reclaimed materials, felling trees, chicken slaughter, irrigating from a cistern/ solar powered water pump etc.. any thoughts? Please comment. Cheers..


  1. How are you securing the bottom of the hop trellis line to the ground?

  2. just wooden stakes with a large hole drilled into the top and the tree rope is strung through and tied.

  3. No vampires under those stakes, right? ;-)

  4. Where are the pictures of the Garden Stakes? I understand they are being used for temporary chicken fencing.

  5. yes dave, they are being used to hold up chicken wire for a somewhat movable pasture. photos coming soon. hopefully by this weekend we will have our computer back. the chickens are loving being able to get out every day.

  6. Just wanted to stop by and say hello to a fellow New Mexican! Where are you located? We are in Los Lunas, NM.
    I'd like to add you to my links on our site:

    Let me know if that would be ok.