Friday, February 17, 2012

Farming Isn't Talking, It's Growing Food

Semi-Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon with lemons from our tree.

Chard from one of the hoop houses

Valentine's Dinner: Wild Salmon with lemon, Wild rice, blanched chard with fermented carrots and organic avocado

Chard, Kale, Radishes, Parsley and Lettuce

Under this hoop house we can get an early start on a small three sisters garden with our Hopi blue corn, acorn squash and aztec white bean

Grape trellis with A-Frame greenhouse in background (and neighbor's shop)

Tons of food growing in here.

In the far right hoop house we just planted two types of beets and lettuce and scallions and broccoli.

We are monitoring the temperature in the greenhouse night and day, as well as outside temps to see what the swing is before we put anything in here. It got as high as 125 degrees today and just before sunset it was in the mid fifties. we have some tweaking to do for sure and an automatic vent is going in for sure. Hoping to start tomatoes, chiles, and whatever else needs an early start in here. Maybe cold hardy starts for transplant to an unbuilt hoop house. 

Mostly Mizuna, mustard green

AG-50 provides 8 degrees of frost protection

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  1. Wow, things are looking amazing on the farm. You're sure getting a lot of production for mid-February! I look forward to a work day out there come April.