Thursday, April 26, 2012

Farming in the Rocky Mountains

Tomatoes getting their first true leaves.

Blue Flax Flower

Hot Peppers: Habanero, Jalapeño, Cayenne

 More photos getting posted soon. We have sunflowers, potatoes, tomatoes and corn all coming up in the ground. Very few transplants this year. Hop sales have been steady and enough that it financed new irrigation tubing....approx. 150 ft. Also the chickens are back at the Spotty Dog Farm. We have three tractors going right now and in the next few days we should hopefully have five or six complete. Culled a few rock cornishes that needed to go. Egg production is at about a dozen a day. Rhubarb is going to much going on. Much to blog about in the near future like how 90% of our crops are set up on irrigation off the water catchment system. Cistern capacity is up to 2400 gallons. We are stepping it up big time and growing lots of greens and herbs. Restaurant accounts are being established and farmer's markets are around the corner. We will keep posting as often as possible.

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  1. All your efforts are really starting to pay off, for yourselves and for others. Awesome photos!