Friday, April 13, 2012

Moving the Chickens

Mike came out early this morning to load up ten hens and our 10 x 7 ft. tractor to take to a neighboring farm at the Real Food Nation property.

Hens waiting for better pastures.

Just two miles down the road, these ten hens will have plenty of pasture for weeks to come, eating up and tilling 70 sq. feet per day. We are attempting a cooperative relationship with other small farmers in ways like this that can benefit everyone and the land and animals bugs etc.

Ellen with her trees.

Moving things over the fence.

We moved the tractor to the furthest part of the field so they can be moved either way each day.

The only type of tractor any farm really should have.

Gratuitous tree shot.

Putting hens in. 
Pasturing on grasses and weeds immediately.

Everyone pitching in a bit.

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