Friday, August 24, 2012

Plant, Harvest, Rain, Repeat

We have been busy planting everything from Red Russian Kale to carrots and beets, Broccoli, Lettuces, collards and all sorts of fall crops the last four days. Every day we plant a bunch of seeds it rains in the afternoon. Most everything is under shade cloth now (as far as the tender greens) with micro sprinkler irrigation with drip also set up. Infrastructure makes the farm what it is. Water cisterns are filling up and we are soon completing the irrigation system with 100% Off the Grid technology; solar panel, small pump, water from the sky and an old battery. Just waiting on some cables to connect everything and a transformer for backup.
Harvesting the first cutting of this Valentine Lettuce this morning for the Farmers Market this afternoon. That's fresh! 
Four days ago we planted all these seeds then got rain everyday since. 

Some farmers follow almost religiously a specific planting/ harvesting calendar or subscribe to a biodynamic school of how everything is done, but we just have always grown food how it feels natural and find a certain evolution in process by these means.
We ripped up a plot of blue corn we planted back in april. We got a small harvest but really we felt it was time to plant some kale there anyway.
Perennial Herb Garden...soon to be the site of a high tunnel greenhouse.
And we have eggplant! Someone is really excited about it.

Eggplant flower
We will try to get some shots of the market booth today, but no guarantee.

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