Saturday, June 28, 2008

working weekends

More experimenting with trellises and tee-pees have brought me to decide to build about twelve to fourteen tee=pees and just three pieces of cattle fencing will make a good trellis between the organic bush beans and pole beans and the organic lemon cucumbers. It will be interesting to see how it holds up with wet foliage. Maybe I'll put a support stake in the middles. So far I accomplished my goal of a zero dollar budget on supports.

happy dogs

The garden has not been the only thing appreciating our green thumbs around here. Our houseplants have been thriving with the nicer weather and now we have a better idea of what we're doing. Our spider plant shot out three "babies" that I cut and transplanted into these containers below...

also a zero dollar project. These small greenhouses keep the cuttings leaves moist until the roots sprout. Then we'll have even more houseplants.

Time has been flying by. This week, month, the whole year. But I guess that's good...means I'm busy. Just wish I could work a day or two less a week. Pipe dreams.

trellises almost completely in place...

Also, on a more random note....we went and got some mousetraps the other day, set them up last night with some peanut butter and caught two. Maybe it was the same little guy eating my sunflower sprouts...
i know there is at least one more ..
.they run across the doorway from the shed to the garden.

They look young so i figure i can't get 'em all, but a little population control is healthy, no? At least i figured i could keep 'em away from the house....but they probably live off the bird seed. i know the ants do

trellis with Strummer on the deck

Here are some of my poles I gathered around the property on day...i will need to do some more foraging. They seem a sufficient height for the tomatillos and roma tomatoes.

monster squash today

tee-pee with the largest of our roma plants below. the tomatillos will need them this weekend...although it is windy and they are looking great!

all i did is dig little placing holes with the trowel for the posts. i think the twine will do for at least one full season. this is a constant work in progress.

baby spider cuttings

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