Sunday, July 6, 2008

blog, blog, blog

rain, rain, rain!

yesterday's storm sky

today's strom...seems as if the monsoon season is in full throttle
*refilled the bird feeders yesterday*

Cholla cactus in bloom

Where I was loading tree trunks earlier today. (in the distance) then it rained

this winter's heat...closer to the house

a bad photo of a red-tail hawk

Tella and Strummer

corn plot

These are three bean plants
.Top is the runt of my pole beans...the rest are more like the middle one. or larger

then the bottom is a "bush" bean. which flowered as well as most of the cucumbers,
tomatoes, and all the tomatillos

Tella loves swimming

peas intertwining and self-supporting

larger tomatillos

sunflowers are waist high



chives...still unhappy in the terra-cotta...soon to be transplanted right outside the garden fence
with a dripper line

here is a crazy double rainbow that developed after the mid-day heat induced storm

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  1. The trip up the mountain with the dogs must be beautiful with the cactus in bloom!

    Save us some home-made hot sauce from your peppers and tomatoes!