Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some interesting wildflowers on the walk down to the mailbox.

Birdfeeders are needing a refill.

Not sure when it was we filled them last, maybe a week ago. It has been blogged. Nice personal records of progress.
sun tea
hops have some awesome new growth, since we pinched off everything dry or yellow.
more hop growth, lower on the plant.

here is a middle section of the chinook hops, lookin better

all organic lemon cucumber plants



we picked a few radishes and they are nice and spicey. .also ate some bibb lettuce, pretty nice flavour, not too bitter. i guess lettuce is a colder weather crop, but it is in the shade at least for part of the afternoon

storm heads

doggies keepin' cool

later today we need to go buy some drinking water and eggs and bread. then later, wing night at the catamount or 1 dollar beers at cowgirl.

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  1. You are definitely in the running for best documentary of two artists' gardening and home life.It's going to be hard to see pictures and not be able to taste the produce!Great work!