Wednesday, October 1, 2008

busy busy bees


aphids! they have dominated a few corn plants, but nothing we can't use to our advantage for next year's crop. plus we have dried a bunch of our sweet corn

we spent all day yesterday making salsa verde and roasting our fresh romas for a pasta dinner. (mostly becke manning the grill and blending the salsa...i took all the tomatillos out of their husks)

while becke made salsa a'plenty i was down by the fire-pit making a sweet horse shoe pit to match. It is basic but by far the best backyard pit i've ever played on. at least the shoes sit nicely when thrown. i worked the ground real well with the spade fork and then added about a half wheel barrow of sand to each side. should be good until the first few snows next month. as with the garden :)


1 comment:

  1. your pictures are unbelievably beautiful. guess that's your artistic eyes!

    Are you getting your horseshoes from the horses down the road?

    We have a pit set up behind our therapy stable.....I must practice before visiting