Monday, October 13, 2008

harvest and snow

very local dinner last night...except the multi-grain pasta.. but everything was from the garden except onion and garlic, from the farmer's market.

hard freeze last night, snow on the way, four to eight inches expected overnight in the Sangre de Cristo mts. at above 7500 ft. elev. which we are. strange and sudden transition. i only discovered the frozen garden when I got home from work this afternoon..

we harvested two full paper grocery bags full of good sized tomatillos, as well as all the watermelons (twelve or so) covered our ten foot table with mostly green roma tomatoes, which will be red soon, canning/ roasting/ freezing to come.

everything froze to a weird gel/ leathery texture. leaves mainly, most of the fruit seemed ok. although it was hard to tell what was on the ground less time than some.

either way...we have tons of tomatoes and they are deeelish!

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  1. Mexican food in Seattle tastes funny! Can't wait to taste the real "green" you're making.
    See you in Feb.