Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just a quick update from your two busiest farmers

chimney sweep before winter

misty mountain top

alpaca manure mixed with hay ready to be mixed for the fall. already aged
new and improved path by the garlic/shallot/onions bed
pallet gate...$0

already planning for next year's crop/ harvest...

some really gorgeous native maize

various planting corn/ seed
blue, red, yellow, white, pink, and some nice tri-colored popping corns
roma tomatoes coming to nicely, going to freeze some today, maybe canning, we'll see

also plans to plant garlic and shallots, soon!

the green ones after picking through the bad ones

a lot of tomatoes

compost...full, again
...another investment for next season

many many thanks to give
native new mexico winter squash..not sure what kind it is.farmer's market purchase..hoping to get our squash seeds from these
more hard squash...watermelons from the garden

buttercup squashthinking about delicata and butternut winter squashes

here is the bounty of planting garlic we got. basket is full!

tomatillos, tomatillos, tomatillos....
salvaged indoor herb garden, rosemary and chives

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  1. Squash soup--roast chunks of squash before puree, add cumin, some veg. stock, maybe a little cream....a little lime, alittle mint...yummm! Chucks of quick blanched squash freezes well for later soup/stew use.
    (I just made butternut squash soup- not home-grown, tho.)
    XXXOOO Mom