Saturday, November 29, 2008

post holiday weekend

firewood stacked and covered

pre-thanksgiving fire pit
t-day smoker set-up

set up for the clone of last year's birdbuffalo wings

gobble gobble

shanty townstarting coals in sideways rain

fatty snowflakesbecke's famous spinach-feta puff pastries
seeds for next year...we already have most of what we need...including some pepper seeds and squash seeds we've saved..more seed saving next year

these tomatoes and peppers will need to be started inside around valentine's day as well as whatever onion seed we go with
all organic herbs
we will have dill a'plenty

so misty outside this morning you couldn't even see the ridge right there
tella behind the fence with more fog behind her..along with a wet straw-bale that should be spread out asap before it molds

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