Sunday, November 30, 2008

productive Sunday off

I could have gone into work today and used one less vacation day...but that's no fun. So instead i stayed homeside and worked on a fence for the other part of the garden where the shallots have two rows already ..probably more plants to go there that are less drought corn or maize. the quinoa will most likely go on the other side of the road where the compost is now. Along with possibly some winter squashes and whatnot.

new section of garden all mulched with straw and fertilized with alpaca manure

three pallets make up the north-east wall

the other part is a firteen foot section of cattle fencing I found on the side of the road

post hole digging blog to come soon...three or four posts to go in the south-west side to support and maybe a better gate..eventually

also need to put up boards to keep washouts from raiding our precious topsoil (lesson learned from last year...challenges of farming on a hillside

attached together with hardware and small boards...easily taken down and better!

bird feeder stand with shocks of corn

drip lines and bird bath...both moved over to make way


chainsaw is in pieces again...tomorrow off to get a new spark plug..hopefully that's why it wont start..can't wait 'till i can get a good stihl or something comp. in a few years.
firewood all cut and stacked

Dave's Stuff tarp stakes and an 8 x 10' tarp

the stakes are easily pushed into the rocky New Mexico soil

secure for more wet winter weather


  1. Looks like Thanksgiving was a successful food-fest. You guys could do good advertising for Daves Stuff Inc. I'm sure we'll discuss ad-nausium in Feb.
    Miss you both at T-day here.

  2. hey, farmer alex, maybe if you weren't choppin down that maize with your chainsaw it wouldn't need a new spark plug...