Thursday, January 15, 2009

all technology on the fritz, but homebrew seems fine

just to explain the title here...the camera now works only when it feels like it, and the vcr is just spitting out any tape you put into it..i'm sure there are other things not working around here, these are just the most recent.

re-potting some houseplants, most are cuttings

bottle caps sanitized in cheap vodka and some priming sugar on the left

beer. pre siphon
bottles getting cleaned


siphoning the flat beer into bottles...less than a week to go at this point...(this was wednesday)

whole grain malted barley in the water pre-boilyeast ready to be pitched
full boil

finishing hops..only in for a few minutes

chilling down the wort in the tub

yeast is fully fermenting away in the extra bedroom and so far no exploding bottles (that;s good, so long as they are even carbonated, we;ll see only three or so days to go!

hoping to go get more ingredients for batch #3 on wed...finally have my set-up running the way i originally intended , two batches fermenting simultaneously while another is carbonating/ curing. hopefully i can perfect some type of american pale ale or IPA soon. would be nice to branch out on styles after perfecting at least one staple brew. we'll see, i'll keep the words coming but it might be lacking so many photos

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  1. Save some for us......see you in a month!