Saturday, January 3, 2009

good start to 2009

my bounty from the farmer;s market this morning, plus some delicious oatmeal cookies from Carol
later on I cut quite a bit of fire wood and wheel-barrowed it all to the road and loaded the Chevy

left a few logs in the truck because it is supposed to snow tonight about 4" and the roads are still bad from the storm almost two weeks ago
trusty ol' barrow
here are a few of the neighbor's new piglet: Charlotte or as i would've named her: bacon.

i really enjoy the concept of being this close to your food. A full grown pig can feed a family for a winter. The care and raising of your meat is a pure idea. i want to learn more from this and help wherever i can. This seems too convenient , i hope i can help and learn from the slaughter

she likes the apples i get from the farmer's market

he had to make the gate better because i guess his chickens keep disappearing /getting killed

here they are cautiously checking me out...i have really been giving all my scrap food to the pig since she arrived

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  1. I think that I would have named her bacon also.

    grace and peace,