Wednesday, February 11, 2009

new garden plots are well underway.

three sisters plot:

didn't finish at all today, but got like 90% of the fence up, and the reclaimed chicken wire was really tangled and pretty short in some sections, but we are taking a slightly different approach this season.

heavy gauge chainlink

driveway in background

all this was free. right down to the nails in the scrap 2x4 from the neighbor's construction. we have been burning the smaller odd cuts, but these have a great purpose. the chainlink and chicken wire were free and the posts were pulled out of the middle of the now extended main garden. and obviously the pallets were at no cost. feels great to be so resourceful

post in rocks
now just time to weed and turn some soil!

here is the section that still needs to be finished

drip lines below

drought tolerant garden plot..hopefully this nice weather spell keeps up and we can get this one up soon too.

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