Tuesday, February 10, 2009


nice snowy day off, why not have a homebrew?!?

got ingredients for a true american style imperial IPA...should be delicious and taking a reading of the dark ale today..that will be delicious.

started this ipa by toasting 1/2 lb. malttoasted

toasted malt

added 1lb. 60L malted barley pre-boil

cold wortwhat better way to get going than to pay homage to my last homebrew?


7 or 8 lbs crystal malt extract

2 oz. magnum hops for boil (35-40 min.)there they go!

finishing hops -2 oz. chinook hopefully they will impart a nice citrus flavour and aroma.

cooling down the wort...i'm sure this part of the brewing process will improve over time

keeping all three batches warmas with every batch of homebrew, we come full circle with feeding the landlord's livestock

charlotte got the barley and was standing in her new feed bin behind her...the grain was still warm so she gobbled it up
chickens have gotten the spent hops every time since i heard that hops have health benefits for them

making a lot of noise

herbs becke started indoor
chinook hops and asst. houseplant cuttings in the jar, onions off in the distance and herbs with reflective board
flowering geranium that looks like it's going to seed.

pintos soaking this morning
chili so far....
almost everything in the chili and from our breakfast this morning is from our garden or the farmer's market. the one exception is the onions which are domestic and organically grown..plus i get a 10% discount because they're from my store..which is nice

plant shelf holding up well, and a nice shot of our wonderful double-pane windows
former compost bin becoming our drought tolerant garden

firewood with snow

main garden in snow...super rich, well mulched soil
newer part of main garden with solar lights in background
well stocked on dry wood inside..still haven't turned on any electric heat this winter and have an average power bill of $50...pretty proud of that

cow skull with icicles sunset snow-dog
comfortable indoors


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