Wednesday, March 4, 2009

check a few off the list

put up a new screen door for summertime. used all the old hardware from the old door

also becke fixed the light fixture out front. no more flashlights at night and early morning

got the gate up in the dog's part of the yard. also finished the three sister's garden, plus a pretty nice gate, on hinges.

3 sisters gate which is wide enough for a wheelbarrow

compost bin so far
woodsman's tools
mess of last year's drip irrigation
weighted down with rocks..holding the gate

pretty sure the dogs like the new gate. another point of access for them. i am probably more excited about it. now anything we need in there is more easily accessed, plus we are going to get some rain barrels soon. they cost $80 ea. at the local hardware store, but i can get them direct at wholesale cost for $60. might save me forty bucks or so. more to come soon. projects being completed left and right. tomorrow may be the sunflowers/ quinoa fence and gate.
trip for manure to the alpaca ranch soon also. feels like spring is really here. lots of work to do.


  1. good for you....the door is beautiful and glad the light's up and running. miss you guys and wish we could be back out there now!

  2. excellent door, good photos all around of hinges and stuff...better than TV!