Wednesday, March 11, 2009

more projects completed and seedlings

speckled roman tomatoes as of a few days ago:

here they are today with the walla-walla onions:

flat leaf parsley, cilantro, greek mini basil, and thyme...extras went into peat pots to hopefully be sold at the farmer;s market

the rest went into this large windowbox.

two 57 gal. rainbarrels with nice spigots on the other side...we checked out prices on gutters and downspouts today and looks like we could complete our proposed water catchment system for less than fifty bucks
firewood that wouldn't fit on the side of the house:

all the rest of the firewood, nice and dry...

seed potatoes:

sink, newly caulked, soon to be dry but as for now we are doing dishes in the tub
new honey pot and another nice one...thanks Carol!
garden and jalopy

new siding finished today, now we just need to replace the sheet rock inside and a few boards below the picture windows
sea grass fence dividing the dogs yard from the main garden
newest garden; sunflowers and quinoa and beans growing up both
borrowed tools/ equipment


  1. Looks good, especially the green shoots! You
    got me talking to the landlord again about expanded gardens, am trying to get a permaculture consultant out here for a little support, and so he doesn't just backhoe everything (again).

    Also, Ampersand's (the folks near Cerrillos) newsletter just arrived, and is at
    if you care to see what they're up to.

  2. If all tomatoes take off well, you'll be selling loads at farmer's market! Nice rain barrels, too.
    XXXOOO Mom